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The idea for this web site is to give help and advice to anyone attempting to Selfbuild or Renovate for the first time. The emphasis will be on addressing the most common problems encountered during Selfbuilding your House.

1. The first thing that you will need for Self Building your dream home is building land. Finding the perfect Self Build Plot of Land can be very difficult and stressful. It took me many years to find the perfect self build plot but eventually I did with the help of a local estate agency. You can read my complete Self Build story here Glenns Self Build Story

2. When you have found your house building plot of land your need to find the cash to buy the land and also to fund the construction of the self build property. You may be lucky enough to have the cash already but the majority of people will need to find a self build mortgage. Self build mortgages are very specialised mortgages and can be tricky to find especially after the last financial crisis and the subprime mortgage problem. Find out more about Self Build Mortgages

3. Once you have purchased your self build land it is very important to protect your land, house, tools against damage and theft during construction and also injury to workers and also to any person that wanders onto your self build site (trespassers, vandals, thieves - you are liable). So self build insurance is a must have, your mortgage lender will also insist on this, but it will also give you piece of mind. I can recommend two self build insurance policy providers Protek and Selfbuildzone, they have some superb cover and are flexible and reasonably priced. I have found that these two companies to be the best on the market for self build insurance.

4. House building warranty will be demanded by the mortgage supplier. In the past self build house structural warranty has been provided by the NHBC but this warranty has proved to be very expensive and you would need a builder that is registered with the NHBC. The NHBC Solo warranty has now been withdrawn. Protek and Self-Build-Zone have the perfect answer, they will provide inspectors for the 10 year house warranty that will also inspect for building regulations. Perfect only 1 building inspector for both 10 year warranty and building regulations.

5. Building Materials - be sure to get the best discounts and prices for self build building materials. If you go to your local builders merchant you have no buying power, you are a person that is building 1 house.  this will give you access to the best discounts for building materials - Trade Card has the buying power from the thousands of members. It is the biggest buyer, far greater than any of the biggest house builders, so the discounts are good.

Thousands of families each year selfbuild a new house or bungalow - some 10% of all new houses. A growing trend is to Self build with Timber Frame construction. This build route ensures a very quick construction time with the added benefits of superior insulation properties which make a very energy efficient home. To view some more Timber Frame designs follow this link.          Timber Frame Houses

Warwick Timber Frame House

Epsom Timber Frame Home

The pictures above are of timber frame built houses. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. To see more information Timber Frame House Designs

Selfbuild Why?

  I will try to answer these questions. To start with by self building you will generally save between 20%-30% of the house price (even up to 50%). The selfbuilt house (if managed and designed correctly) will also be of a higher specification and built with higher quality materials. The mass house building companies are there to make a profit and I have heard numerous stories of "shoddy" workmanship because of tight bonus and work rates.

  Go and visit some of the "quality" show houses in your area and take a close inspection of them. OK they look nice, because they are designer decorated and furnished, but the house that you purchase normally will have painted walls and no furniture. The things I normally look at (my wife goes mad) is under the carpets, is it a solid boarded floor or is it chipboard. Other things that I always spot are the amount of electrical sockets in the house, are there TV and aerial sockets to each bedroom and every major room. Is there a burglar alarm installed?

  Read Glenns Self Build Story. It should be realistic, truthful and humorous so it should give you my image of Self Build.

  Finally I would like to publish a few keywords that a "self managed selfbuild meant to me" Excitement-Worry-Buzz-Fulfilment.

We recently engaged in a poll of Selfbuilders to ask the question "What difficulties did you find during SelfBuild?" The answers were not surprising. See the results below.

  1. Where do we find Self Build information?

  2. How do we find Building plots?

  3. Where do we find Self Build friendly mortgages?            

  4. Where can i get Timber Frame information?

  5. Is there a traditional build design and supply company?


  7. Where do you get Self Build insurance ?

  8. Where can we get 10 year structural warranty?

  9. How do we get competitive quotes for building materials?

  10. How do we employ good reliable tradesmen?

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